Rumors heard in Myspace
We’re gonna’ cross the better part of the country now and make a short stop in Denver, Colorado. Strap on your mosh boots and make sure your health insurance is up to date, coz’ this next band is gonna’ have us strutting in a counter clockwise motion, flailing our limbs for both personal protection and maximum potential damage. The Casket Crew has that old school 80’s crossover punk sound that fused the street edginess of hardcore with heavy metal. Heavily distorted guitars with a great sense of groove, mid tempo beats and pulsing bass lines, and the gravel grinding vocals create a sound that takes me back to when I wasn’t afraid of a plank of wood with four wheels bolted to it. I’m digging the distorted bass tones through the music as well. It gives the riffs another sense of heaviness, and almost adds a tone of grindcore to it. “Evil Act of the Day” has a great groove to it and should give the muscle in your solar plexus a good work out. Thrash ‘til death indeed!
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